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Editors Note: I’m taking this week off to spend quality time with my mom.

The following is a guest post by Jessica Reeder. I’m a huge fan of Jessica’s work, writing and commitment to community building. You’ll see why once you read this fantastic article. Jessica recently launched an awesome blog called Love and Trash. Stop by and check it out!


I’ve always had a lot of stuff. By the time I was 25, I had a truckload of possessions (most of them stained and dented); a leased car; two separate wardrobes for work and play… and the list goes on.

From that point, I started relying on money. I needed enough income to pay for my car, and I also needed a big enough apartment for all my things. I needed money to spend at San Francisco clubs every weekend, and I also needed fabulous outfits to wear to those clubs. I needed good haircuts, and awesome shoes.

You can see where this is going. After a while, I realized that my lifestyle no longer fit my personality. Like anybody else, I was a slave to my stuff. I was no longer able to live in connection with the natural world as I’d been raised. I could see blue skies through my window, but never had time to go outside. I had two, sometimes three jobs and a recurring headache. I was developing weird addictions and health problems.

It was time to make a drastic change: I started giving things away. [click to continue…]

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